Hello happy lovers !


I'm Mélodie, a filmmaker and a photographer.


I accompany you, beautiful bride and groom throughout your magical day in order to capture unique images that resemble the essence of you.

During your wedding, you want to create your own universe through the decoration and the atmosphere. You want to fully enjoy your guests who sometimes come from afar and that you have brought together for a day.

I am here to reveal your world, I stand by your side and sneak among your guests to catch those moments that might have escaped from you.

What remains and immortalizes this beautiful day are the films and the photos and that is why I place so much importance on the aesthetics, but also on the complicity that we will share. I want to make you feel beautiful through the images, but also to communicate the joy of this extraordinary day. I also make you feel at ease and show you that you can count on me, because I am here for you, and you only!